We need each other

I am on a journey to have a life with meaning. What does that mean?! How can my view add anything to the many, many blogs, books, and articles written on finding meaning in this world that makes a difference? I am hoping to incorporate good habits and changes that help me to connect with a sense of calmness in this ever changing, harsh but also amazing world.

I was very lucky to have most of the summer off to spend with my kids. To get up and enjoy a slower pace. To go many times to the playground on our street, to rent a cottage for a week, to have play dates and go swimming. Most mornings, although many way earlier starts than I would have liked, included cups of coffee and some shows for the kids and reading for me. This is the first summer I didn’t wish for the work routine to come back sooner. The kids still need constant vigilance but not need every moment of interaction with me and allow for a little breathing room in the day.

I thought I had replenished my energy to be ready for routine, early mornings, packing lunches, separate drop-offs, and pickups, and less time for making meals. The routine is not quite two months in and I’m exhausted.

It felt easier in the summer to not be constantly comparing how my life routines are shoddy and lacking compared to the craft filled, healthy snacks, meals, many activities, and lovely lives others seem to have all year around. Summer gives an excuse to be lazier, slow down, enjoy garden veggies and revel in summertime treats.

Fall and winter seems to bring stress of store bought foods that never measure up in nutrition and ease of preparation. routines kick into high gear and energy must be sucked up to be up early, and get everywhere. and be cheerful, patient, and make if all look effortless.

All I need is time management and if that doesn’t work than I can prioritize, and if that doesn’t work I can just mediate and add in some zen. We do need all of these tools to make sure we are doing what needs to be done.

But underneath it all there is a layer of exhaustion that never seems to go away.
What is it? What is it from? There are many different answers that are too long and nuanced to do in one post. And really the answers are everywhere and there are so many awesome resources that help with the pieces. That help me to sort out a particular issue.
Do you feel it too?

This is where we need to hear each other and why I love reading the routines and lives of others. To know that we are not alone in this feeling and that in itself is a start.

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