Astrology Love

I love love love astrology. I had some experiences with it in my 20’s but didn’t really appreciate the power of it. It was presented differently then too.

When I went for a reading a couple of years ago, it was through a friend that had a good reading with Christina Rai an evolutionary astrologer. I love learning techniques to have a better understanding of myself so I booked an appointment to have my natal chart reading.

It was magic and I loved the power in the tool of an astrological chart. Sometimes I feel crazy on the inside. I feel like I have so many competing parts of myself that I have had a long read to feel comfortable in my own skin, in my own personality really.

With that natal reading, Christina expressed back to me so many of the contradictions I feel and struggle with. I want change and stability. I want to feel involved but struggle with commitment. I love interacting with people but struggle with connecting. I have had a long-term health issue that is not life threatening but has made limitations in my life.

Christina commented from my chart, without having met me before, and touched on so many of these. It made me feel so good to know that I am not crazy (well mostly not!).

It’s not an excuse to off load my responsibility for myself. It’s not a way to excuse bad behaviour or be a victim.

What it is, is permission to be myself. To give myself more compassion with my struggles. It’s a map to help me understand myself and explore ways to have more enjoyment in my life. To use my strengths.

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