Finding a Voice

In trying to figure out the focus of my blog, I was thinking about what I like in other blogs I love.  The biggest feature is the feeling of the blog.  It’s that I feel like I’m getting a glimpse into another person’s life, their struggles, successes, and just daily thought process.

It doesn’t have to be beautiful (although I appreciate the effort they do to make it look nice) but it’s more about a connection that comes through.  Sometimes I can relate to the same experiences and sometimes it’s just an honest look someone else’s experiences that I can really appreciate.

The hard part?  Getting to the point of having my own voice.  I have read A LOT about writing, especially for blogs and the advice really is just start.  I’ve struggled with that over the last few years.  I purchased my domain and then have flip-flopped in my mind about what to do in this space.  I have lots of ideas but I often feel stuck in trying to organize them into something coherent and interesting.

One of the things that I realized through learning my MBTI type (I’m an ENFP), is that I like to process my thoughts out loud.  THAT is what helps give me clarity.  How do I do that?  I’ve been trying to have things more perfect or at least acceptable before I start writing.  But I think what I need to do is just focus on getting ALL or many of my ideas out of my head into this space and as I do that the clarity will come.

It’s as I’ve read many times.  Show up.  Write.  Do the work first.  This is what I need to do to find my voice!

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