Meal Planning

I’m determined to do a meal plan.  Nothing fancy but I waste way too much of my time and energy thinking about meals, looking at recipes no one will eat except me, and shopping.  I sometimes end up at the grocery store everyday as I only have thoughts of what to make one meal at a time.

This is such a waste and even thought I haven’t done time tracking, I know I could use my time more wisely to do things that I really would like to do but feel I have no time to do them.

Part of the spiral time waste for meals is having kids who are 7 and 5  and a husband who is a carnivore while I have been converting to a vegan diet over the last several months.  It makes for a lot of foods between us that no one will eat or only one person wants and trying to make healthy meals for everyone feels daunting.

My plan is to do a two week lose rotation.  For example Monday night could be pasta night which could be lasagna, spaghetti and meatballs, or ravioli.  Tuesdays could be something Mexican like tacos or quesadillas, etc.  I plan to do that for two weeks (planning out which nights I will cook and which nights my husband will as he does cook sometimes).  His shift work goes in two week rotations so with this setup it should work and still feel flexible and enjoyable for everyone.  I will have some fall back go-to’s that are allowed when one person really doesn’t like a night’s meal.

My other plan as part of this is to make a pantry list and go shopping way less often.  I’m considering doing an online order that then just needs to be picked up.  I’m discovering that we don’t have as many options as others have such as groceries delivered but we do have the option of ordering on-line and then they bring out the order to your car when you arrive.  This would save time for the big pantry shops.  For little items or when I’m picky about produce I can do it myself.  I will let you know how it goes.

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