Connecting the Dots

I have a jumble of thoughts today about self-awareness or trying to figure out my own personality types and characteristics.  I’ve always struggled to take a test and figure out my type in the big ones like MBTI or the Enneagram.  It has only been in the last few years that I really researched different tests and read so much about them that I finally stumbled upon my types and it felt so liberating after so much frustration.

I am an ENFP (although just barely on the Extrovert side of things) and an Enneagram type 4.  There was a lot of reading, I read many books, blogs, and websites.  One of the sites I really appreciate for her honesty, talk of also searching and using of types is Anne of Modern Mrs Darcy.  It was through her posts that I finally narrowed down that I was a 4 and not a 9.  I will get into why in another post.  I also then figured out that I was an ENFP and not an INFP.  I narrowed it down letter by letter really.  I just find some of the tests are not easy for me.  I have better results with examining each piece and how it relates to the world and then I can choose.

As I was looking up Anne’s website this morning, I’ve stumbled upon some old posts where she is talking about personality and parenting.  I had forgotten about those!  I’m going back to reread those posts as I’m in the midst of parenting my child who does not easily know himself.

This post started with my thoughts on how, those of us that are cerebral may have a hard time in the knowing of how we react and behave to different scenarios.  This makes the personality tests difficult to complete and not always accurate.  I have many more thoughts and will pick out more coherent pieces to discuss in future posts.  Stay tuned!

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