Food Conspiracy




The food conspiracy in my house goes like this:

One of my kids (I have two – 5 and 3) likes eggs, the other does not.

One likes stuffed pasta, the other one? gags when forced to try it.

One loves sweet, the other savoury.

One likes steak, the other does not.

One likes meatballs, the steak-eater? hates em.

One likes cheese, the other one?  only if it’s on pizza.

The one who doesn’t like cheese loves nachos, the one who does love cheese refuses to eat nachos or quesadillas.  What??

Chicken is hit or miss.  One day it is eagerly gobbled down.  The next day, I am destroying their lives by serving them chicken.

It makes meal planning exhausting.  It’s a huge challenge to keep a variety of meals healthy, tasty, and on the table in half an hour.  Ahhh you say – slow cooker meals work great when short on time and used to make great meals.

one likes sauce on their food, the other does not.

the one who likes sauce on their food – casserole?  what is that?  it lucks yucky?  Really?

On that note, I have a sensitivity to all dairy products and have a desire to eat a more vegan diet.  Do you know how many yummy recipes have cheese or are completely meat based?  All this talk gives my husband nightmares of never enjoying steak again.

AND then there is the internet to help my meal planning.

Eggs are bad.

Eggs are good.

Steak is bad

Steak is good

Beans are good

Beans are bad

Eat paleo

Eat vegan

And on. and on.

I have to say that I am lucky – my kids have no allergies and love almost all fruits, several vegetables, yogurt and some good things like shrimp and nut butters.  The down side?  We can’t live just on that everyday.  Although I have considered that.  more than once.